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Hazard Editing is reopening for one to two projects a month. We now charge $4 per 1k words for editing and $3 per 1k words for proofreading. Feel free to contact Lisa Hazard at lisacathazard (at) yahoo (dot) com. We offer a free five-page sample edit so you can try us out.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


We made it through the storms and had no power for what felt like forever. Back to work now. I'm backed up until mid-June, and my co-editors can take on a couple projects a month as they work as freelancers and can work as their schedules allow.

I'm backed up from the power being out, so the projects I have contracted will take a little longer. Many thanks to the authors who have all been understanding and helpful.

I also have four new kittens to attend to, born on my birthday when the power was out. Spooky is a great mother cat.

I think I contacted everyone I'm working with, but if I missed someone, feel free to write and ask the status of your book.